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How to convert dates into months/ quarters/ years in pivot table

Analyses with pivot tables becomes much easier and can save a lot of your time as it presents data into a summarize way. Pivot tables remove all duplicate label. Still the data can be bulky enough in pivot table which… Continue Reading →

Accelerate Your Analysis with Pivot Table

In the modern and complex world, nowadays data has immense importance. However, simple raw form of data doesn’t help us to achieve our goals, the main thing is to derive conclusion and take decision from available data. It is too… Continue Reading →

Sum if cells are not blank or sum if cells are blank

Sumif function of excel is one of most useful function if used properly. Let’s use sumif function to add cells which are not blank. Let’s say we want to add up those cells which are sold Through Agent Without Agent… Continue Reading →

Sum if cell contain number

Let’s say we want to sum if celll contain number i.e. adding those cells which are having sale amount of Less than $1000; Equal to $1000; & More than $1000 In following sales register (Pic1) Formula = Sumif (range, criteria,… Continue Reading →

How does a Sumif function work in Excel?

Sum function of excel add the cells which are selected by cell reference, but what if I want to add the cells which meet the specific criteria. The criteria for adding up cells could be text, partial text, number etc…. Continue Reading →

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