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First, let me tell you,

Why I choose to be blogging on Excel?

Hello everyone, you must be wondering that despite so many articles already available on the cloud, why did I choose to write on Excel. Let me share something with u… What made me choose Excel and start Simplified Excel?

Excel is software designed by Microsoft and is extensively used in both corporate and non-corporate sector all over the world. It has become an integral part of everyday working, especially in corporate world. It is comprehensively designed by the company to suffice major needs of the people.

This software has already simplified work at corporate level. However, it can be simpler, if Excel is used effectively and efficiently. In Excel, there are multiple methods to solve a problem. Starting point and destination are same, but there are multiple ways to approach the destination. One who works smartly will choose the shortest and simplest one.

Let’s draft it as… I wish to have sum of cells A2:A9 in cell A10. A normal excel user would type the whole formula i.e. “=SUM(A2:A9)” in the cell A10. However, a smart user will just use combination of keys “Alt” and “=”available on keyboard in cell A10 and his work is done.

This is the reason why I chose to write on excel. I wish that maximum people get to know about the shortcuts and formulas and basics of Excel which can make their simple work simpler. This motivated me to write on EXCEL and I wish to share all the methods known to me of tackling everyday problems.

Believe me, your every like, comment, share and subscription inspires me to go on writing.

Now, little bit about Simplified Excel

About Simplified Excel

Simplified Excel was started by me – Kaival Patel. It tries to improve your efficiency and effectiveness by reducing the time taken on Excel. We try to give you a shortest yet best idea to get your work done.

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