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Keep or Drop a Product Line Decision

The business environment is very much dynamic. And so, to diversify the risks, businessmen generally opt for multiple related product lines. With the passing period there comes a point when it is required to discontinue certain product line and it… Continue Reading →

How to use IF and nested IF function in Excel with examples

Many friends requested me to write about if function and it’s use with practical example. So this Sunday, I gather all my thoughts together and wrote about if function. I hope, you would love it. Whether you are student or… Continue Reading →

How to split data into multiple worksheets based on column in excel

Sometimes you need to separate data into different worksheets from the table based on some condition over data in the columns. For e.g. You need to print the sales report monthly, quarterly and get it signed. You need separate sales… Continue Reading →

What is Pivot table Slicer and How to use it effectively?

  Hey friends, this blog is in continuation of the blog series of Accelerate your analysis with pivot table. If you are beginner to the pivot tables, I would suggest looking over to How to insert a Pivot table first…. Continue Reading →

How to Change pivot table report layout?

After inserting a pivot table and relevant fields for analyses, you may require to change pivot table report layout as per your requirement. A better layout can boost your analysis power. “Forget better, I want best.” So, what is the… Continue Reading →

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